Finn Beach - Nanaimo


Depth:  Up to 50 ft

This is the most popular dive site for the first day of open water courses.

The site is a protected bay.  It’s shallow and easy to navigate.  Follow either coast line for the most variety of life.  A very slow dive can reveal rewards like gunnels, sailfin sculpins, squid egg masses, the occasional grunt sculpin or lump sucker have been spotted here.

The middle of the bay from shore starts off with rock which turns to eel grass, flat kelp, then a sandy bottom.  There are a few old tires and bottles providing shelter for a bit of life.  This is a good location if you enjoy hunting for small species or to refresh your skills, practice your navigation or ease your way back into diving.

Neck Point is a popular park in Nanaimo’s north end.  It has a trail system which loops around and through the park as well as a few offshoots trails.  The park is well used especially by dog owners and fitness lovers.  In the summer it’s a popular place for picnics and swimming.  Weddings are often photographed here.  The occasional sail boat drifts into the bay.

The park has an out house in the main parking lot.

The gate is locked at night.  It’s a good idea if you’re planning a night dive to check the hours with the City of Nanaimo before getting in the water.

Getting to this site

From our shop drive North on Mostar Rd, on the other side of the Island Hwy Mostar name changes to Rutherford Rd.  Continue north of Rutherford Rd for 2.9 km.  Turn right onto Hammond Bay Rd.  Continue down Hammond Bay Rd for 3.9 km.  Turn left onto Morningside Drive.  This road leads into the park.   Park in the first parking lot, the dive site is the bay.

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