Keel Cove - Nanaimo

Depth: Up to 75 ft

Keel Cove is a tricky access.

Keel Cove dive site is located at the far side of Neck Point Park at the end of McGuffie Rd on Keel Cove Lane. The parking area can fit a few cars, but please leave room for the residence at the end of this lane.

This is not the most popular dive site because of it’s access a steep path down to the beach and lack of a large reef.

The main attraction is what’s left of an old boat, although these days, there’s barely anything left to see of the wreck.

Getting to the beach is along a narrow steep path or via a set of stairs to access the other side of a small bay.

Path Access:     For the steep path, caution is advised in wet conditions due to loose, slippery leaves and tree roots covering the slope in the fall.  Once down to the beach, the easiest access is in the middle.

Stair Access:  From the parking area follow the small trail to the right it curves around to a set of stairs (11 steps).  At the bottom of the steps, turn left for access to a small beach.

Underwater from the bigger bay, you may find an old white plastic bottle attached to a rope.  If you can follow the rope as it runs under and through the kelp and around rocks you will be able to find the bits of wood that are all that remain of the old ‘wreck’.  Also not to far away from the ‘wreck’ is a small tile pile, home to some sea life.  We’ve ventured a bit further SE and found a sloping rock shelf area, not much there but it looks like an octopus had it’s den there at one time.

If you’d like to stay shallow you can from shoreline.

Follow the shoreline east to the small bay that is located at the end of Neck Point Park.  There is also beach access here to a set of stairs back up to the parking lot in order for you not to have to hike up the hill with 100 lbs of gear.

Getting to this site

From our shop drive North on Mostar Rd, on the other side of the Island Hwy Mostar name changes to Rutherford Rd.  Continue north of Rutherford Rd for 2.9 km.  Turn right onto Hammond Bay Rd.  Continue down Hammond Bay rd for 3.3 Km.  Turn left onto McGuffie Rd.  Follow it 110 meters to the end and turn right which is Keel Cove Lane.

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