Cottom Point - Nanoose Bay


• Depth: sloping reef

Cottom Point

This shore dive has a long and steep beach access. You’ll find a reef dive here with lots of nooks and crannies for sea life to hide. The current is usually quite strong through here and it’s been advised to dive only on slack tides. This dive site is similar to the Madrona area dive sites for what you’ll see underwater. I haven’t dived at this site, the only time I went there the tide was extremely low and the walk from the road to the beach was a challenge. I’ve heard that there are stairs there now from the road to the beach.

Getting to this site

Head north from Nanaimo on the Island Hwy to Nanoose.  Turn right onto North West Bay Rd, follow it and turn right onto Claudet Rd.  Follow it and turn left onto Marina Rd.  Follow it and turn left onto Seadog Rd.  Parking is at a tiny dead end road.  Walk down to the beach before gearing up to check entry.

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Cottam Point Dive Site Nanoose Bay
Cottom Point Shore
Cottom Point Dive Site Nanoose Bay
Painted Greenling Diving Near Nanaimo BC
Cottam point Diving
Cottam point