Tyee Cove - Nanoose Bay

• Depth: up to 100 ft

Tyee Cove a.k.a. Seducer’s Cove is a very popular shore dive site.

Nanoose Bay’s busiest little dive site.  A popular spot for dive classes, buddies going diving, shop led drop in dives.  This site sees it all and is usually busy on the weekends.  A good site for everything; high tide, low tide, day or night dives, bad weather.  This is a sheltered cove that most divers dive when the water at the other sites in Nanoose is too rough.

Underwater the site starts with a rocky bottom that turns to eel grass, kelp and sand.  The rocky wall starts shallow and drops down to around 100 ft, although you can continue on deeper.  It’s a dive with a lot of small crevices to explore for smaller life.  If you dive it for during the day, be sure to go back for a night dive, it feels like two completely different sites.

Jump into the water from the far left side of the beach and swim down ‘the chute’.

It’s a steep slope downwards that’s sand covered and either side of the chute is rocky. 
There are two dives at this site; turn right for a rocky sloping wall, good for photo opportunities and finding little things, there are some overhangs and a few swim through that are too small for us, but the fish like to use. 
To the left is a long swim over flat slabs of rock to a wall.

You can also combine a shore dive from Tyee to Dolphin or vise-versa.

Leave a vehicle at Tyee and park at Dolphin.  Dive into Dolphin and follow the shoreline back to Tyee for an alternative dive to these sites.  Just plan your dive.  It’s a bit of a swim you’ll want to make sure you’re good on air, or you stay shallow to extend your air time.

Most of the diving here is done from the shore out and to the right.  The deepest by the walls is about 110 ft.  The site does slope off deeper if you swim straight out from shore, but we tend of all dive the wall and enjoy longer bottom times.

Getting to this site

North of Nanaimo on Island Hwy to Nanoose.

Turn right onto North West Bay Road at the Petro Can gas station in Nanoose. Continue on North West Bay Road past the rail road tracks turn right onto Dolphin Road and continue on Dolphin road until you reach Blueback Road, turn left on Blueback road and follow until you reach Tyee Road. There is a little parking lot right after the turn. The beach is down the path at the right of the parking lot marked by a little blue sign that reads ‘Blueback Community Park’.

Facilities are either back at the Petro Can, or you can try Schooner Cove Marina if you follow Blueback road further south a few blocks, it’s a short drive.

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