Wall Beach - Nanoose Bay

• Depth: 50’-100′

Sea lions all winter long!

Wall Beach dive site, located near Beachcomber Marina and a log boom is in Nanoose North West Bay.  The log boom is home to a population of sea lions usually from late fall to early spring.  You will hear sea lions barking throughout North West Bay all winter long.

Diving at any of the dive sites in this region it’s not unusual to see or interact in some way with sea lions. Divers can appreciate their size and agility as they swim by or sometimes stop to interact with us.  They are very graceful underwater and they have big puppy dog like faces.  It’s natural to want to reach out and pet them like you would a cute puppy.  Don’t.  Even though they are extremely cute, they are still wild animals and while it is thrilling to be in their presence divers should always be careful.

Diving with Sea lionsCaution to be used when swimming with sea lions.  They are wild animals and territorial.  They are big and powerful.  Their jaws are as strong as a dogs.  Signs of aggression from a sea lion include them blowing bubbles, buzzing and dive bombing as well as posturing.  If you see any of these behaviors, you should back away and remove yourself from a potentially threatening situation.    

There is a drop off at Wall Beach, only thing is it’s a long swim straight out and not much but a sloping sandy drop off once you get there. There is a wall here to another bit of a swim out to the right.

We almost always go to this site to dive and look around in the shallows (40-60 ft range).  There is a rocky bottom and often kelp covering the rocks, you could spend all of your dive just swimming around the rocks looking for life.

This is a good shore dive for divers who like to look under every rock.

Watch for boat traffic as there is a marina nearby.

Getting to this site

North out of Nanaimo to Nanoose on the Island Hwy. Turn right at the lights at the Petro Can gas station onto North West Bay Road. Continue on North West Bay Road over the rail road tracks, and pass the turn off for Dolphin Road. Stay on North West Bay Road until you reach Wall Beach Road. Turn right onto Wall Beach road, the paved road turns into a dirt road as it turns to the right, stay on the dirt road and follow it around a left corner and to the end. Parking is practically on the beach.

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