Coming for a dive?  Let’s get you ready!


  •  Go! Re-Activate

A quick brush up before you go diving

  • Go!Scuba Tune Up

Refresh your skills

  • Go!Drysuit Course

Be warm be dry, stay down longer have more fun

  • Go!Advanced Course

Go beyond your open water training, there’s more to explore

  • Go!Deep Diver Course

What’s down there?  Learn the skills to dive deeper, safer

  • Go!Wreck Diver Course

Our wrecks are rated among the top artificial reefs in the world



  •   Store Hours

Monday to Friday 10-5

Saturdays 9-5

Sundays and Statutory Holidays Closed.


  •  Dive masters / Instructors

Our Dive masters and Instructors love to go diving and show you what’s in our waters.  But, like us, they have full time jobs.  Please give us advanced notice before visiting so we are able to contact and arrange dive dates for you with them.


Discover Local Diving 


  • New dive sites, new environment?  Be prepared.


We take visiting divers to the dive sites our local divers use.

Vancouver Island has some of the best cold water diving in the world.  Lots of life, healthy reefs, great wall dives, endless photo opportunities, come dive in!  Our waters are temperate ranging in the winter from about 39 degrees (5 Celsius) to a balmy 55 (12 Celsius) in the summer.  Our winter diving has some of the best vis, but knowing that don’t write off summer diving, we still have good and great dive days. In fact every summer we take quite a few tourists scuba diving.  Here’s some things you should know about diving here.

  • Diving around Nanaimo for us consists of mostly shore dives in an area called Nanoose Bay which is about a 20 minute drive north of Nanaimo.  See Map
  • Want to see our wrecks?  They are advanced dives accessible only by boat.  If you’d like to book a dive charter, the more advance notice they have, the better your chances of going out with them.  Contact us so we can help you book a charter.
  • You will need a vehicle to get to and from our shop and to and from the dive sites.
  • If you’d like to rent gear from us you’ll need your certification card and a credit card for a security deposit.
  • When renting gear from us, we ask all our visiting divers to give yourself about an hour to come in and sign up.  We will go over the gear in detail with you to make sure you are comfortable with the gear on your dive.
  • Rentals are picked up before the dive and returned either after the dive during business hours or the next day.


 Cold water diving is quite different than warm water diving

  • from the amount of gear required and the extra weight we’ll need to put on you -divers here wear an average of 30 – 44 pounds (13 – 19 kilos) of lead weight with their wetsuits or drysuits.  We want you to enjoy your experience and a Dive master will help you do that.  They will be there to help you set up your gear, lead you on a dive that is tailored to your experience level and point out all kinds of local critters.
  • You must be dry suit certified in order to rent a dry suit.  We carry shell drysuits and do not rent the thermal under garments, please contact us so we can discuss the amount of layers you will need.
  • Our BCD’s are weight integrated.  We haven’t used weight belts in about 7 years.  We can make up a limited amounts of weight belts or you can rent a weight integrated BCD from us for only $10. a day.
  • Wetsuit divers use 2 piece 7 mm wetsuits in our waters which means your core is protected by 14mm of neoprene for warmth.
  • You can do two dives in a wetsuit in our waters and live to tell about it.  ;) Most of us who live and dive here wear drysuits, but that’s because we dive a lot  once or twice a week all year round.  We have a fair amount of visiting divers who dive here in wetsuits, no worries.
  • If you want to join in one of our after work or weekend dives, you’re welcome to if your experience level is equal to the type of dive we are leading and the Dive master to diver ratio is within standards.  We won’t add divers we don’t know to a dive if we feel the dive/Dive master/other divers isn’t a safe ratio or pushing the limits.  We will suggest you hire a Dive master instead.  Our divers safety is paramount on every dive, every time, no exceptions.


Looking for a place to stay? 

  • We’ve listed a few places within 3-5 km from our shop


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