Dive Events, some of the fun we've had over the years.

Silly Boat Races Nanaimo BC

2011 Silly Boat Regatta. 

Sharks in Nanaimo?  That’s right and they were spotted circling the slow and sinking boats in the 2011 Silly Boat Regatta!

Turns out, it was all an act!  Ray and I had so much fun playing the part.  A couple of shark fins were created at our  shop that we strapped to the back of our tanks.  On the day of the Regatta, we jumped on the Port Authority’s boat and we quietly slipped into the water while the race was on.  We watched ‘our prey’ then slowly circled while we waited for them to sink.

Beach Clean Up Nanaimo

Brannen Lake Beach Clean Up, Earth Day Friday April 22, 11. 

Ray and I have been part of about a half dozen beach clean ups over the years in the lakes and the ocean.  A few hours of work from divers and shore volunteers produces hundreds of pounds of smelly pile of water logged trash; everything from electronics to golf clubs, can and bottles to carpet and PVC piping, batteries, grocery carts, tires and more.  Thanks to the many volunteers here and around the globe who are involved in clean ups.  Maybe if we keep picking it up, people one day might stop littering.

Interested in helping?  Let us know and be sure to check the Project Aware website for more info.

Muppets of the Sea?

wolf eel muppet of the sea





Cute or ugly…you decide.

If Jim Henson were to create an ocean Muppet creature, would he have used the Wolf Eel as a model?

Wolf eels, Octopus and Sea lions are the top three most sought after ocean dwellers by divers.  They fascinate and delight us with their intelligence and curiosity.  For divers, the ability to breathe underwater and observe these creatures ranks among an honor.  By the way, all us cold water divers think our wolf eels are adorable!

Diving Nanaimo

octopus.kathleen scuba diving nanaimo






Scuba Diving Nanaimo

Experience diving Nanaimo.  A whole different world awaits you, from our cold water Giant pacific octopus and Wolf eel to small colorful critters like our cute little Lump suckers and Grunt sculpins.  You’ve never seen anything like it.  Learn, Dive, Explore.  It all starts with your PADI Open Water Diver Certification.

Nanaimo Dive Events

Canada Day Dive - nanaimo dive events





Join Our Community

Learn to dive, continue diving, join our dive community.  We’re in the water every week all year long day and night.  We have weekly drop in dives and celebrate the holidays with dive events up and down the island as well as at our regular dive spots.  Buddy up with our dive professionals and fellow divers and join the fun.


Snowsuits for Divers

Drysuits and Snow






Dive Anytime of Year

It doesn’t matter the weather when you’re in a drysuit.  You’ll never forget the first time you see snow flakes falling as you surface from a dive, or watch rain drops pierce the surface of the ocean while you watch from your safety stop below.

Night Dives

anonome Will






Amazing Night Dives

Experience the wonder of your favorite dive site at night.  See the changes in the beam of your flashlight as day critters hide and the night light comes alive. 

BC Ocean Dives

Will Drift Diver





BC Ocean Dives

Are made up of colorful walls, healthy reefs and an abundance of life that regularly rates BC as a top ten cold water diving destination.  See for yourself…and bring your camera!

Fun in the Pool

fun in the pool open water students






Fun in the pool!

PADI Open Water Diver Course is Fast, Fun, Easy!  Become an Open water certified diver in just one week!   

3 evenings class and pool sessions

1 weekend for 4 ocean dives.

Learn to dive in a drysuit. 

Stay dry and warmer longer.

Tropical Diving

tropical diving cozumel






Tropical Diving…

What’s not to like? Warm clear water, colorful fish, sun, fun, beaches. Get ready for warm water diving with us.  Learn here and dive there.

Silly Boat Regatta

Sharks at Silly Boat Regatta






Sharks in Nanaimo? 

That’s right and they were spotted at the Silly Boat Regatta!  Turns out, it was all an act!  Ray and I had so much fun playing the part.  We created a shark fins and strapped them to our tanks.  We jumped on the Port Authority’s boat and we quietly slipped into the water while the race was on.  We circled ‘our prey’ while we waited for their boats to sink.