Hollis Sidemount Regulator Kit

Hollis Sidemount Regulator Kit

The Hollis Sidemount Regulator kit is designed to take the guessing out when setting up your sidemount regulator configuration. This new kit includes (2) high performance DC1 regulators, proper hose length for the left and right bottles and (2) brass gauges, includes an adjustable regulator necklace. Also available separately are Omni-Swivels for each regulator to help streamline routing and increase comfort.

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Hollis Sidemount Regulator Kit

Hollis Sidemount Regulator kit makes it easy to gear up and go.  Your basics are in this kit and will help get you on the way so you can enjoy the ease and convenience of Sidemount diving.

The kit contains:

  • (2) 212 adjustable second stages
  • (2) DC1 overbalanced first stages with 5th port and swivel turret
  • (2) Brass SPG 2″
  • (1) Adjustable regulator necklace
  • 36″ LP hose
  • 84″ LP hose

212 Second Stage

  • Pneumatically balanced second stage
  • Patented Dynamic Adjustment once set automatically maintains inhalation effort throughout the dive by compensating for depth changes.

DC1 1st Stage

  • Patented Orthodontic Mouthpiece for comfort and reduced jaw fatigue
  • Designed to withstand the rigorous CE standard for coldwater performance
  • Environmental sealing prevents internal corrosion, contaminants, and icing of the first stage
  • Swivel turret allows for ideal low pressure hose routing
  • High performance over-balanced first stage provides progressively greater intermediate pressure as depth and gas density increases for superior gas delivery under the most extreme conditions
  • Easy grip controls for precise adjustment even while wearing gloves
  • Venturi Switch for simple Dive/Pre-Dive modes
  • Nitrox compatible to 40%
  • 2 high pressure ports
  • 5 low pressure ports
  • Yoke or DIN/300 bar