Hooded Vest

Hooded Vest

The Hooded vest has a 4mm body and a 6mm hood for when you need a little more warmth for diving, surfing, snorkeling or other water sport activities.  Convenient durable plastic side zip.  Attached hood.  Easy care, rinse in fresh water after each use.


Hooded Vest

Hooded Vest by XS Scuba.  This vest is most popular worn over 3mm or 4/3mm wetsuits for surfing in the winter months and cold water activities helping your core stay warmer longer.  Convenient side zip makes getting the vest on and off easier.  The attached hood is 6mm providing a ton of warmth and wind protection.

  • 4mm PyroStretch neoprene torso
  • 6mm PyroStretch neoprene hood
  • 3mm PyroStretch neoprene face seal
  • Neoprene interior with Glide skin lining
  • Molded Plastic YKK side zipper for easier on/off
  • Vented at top of hood
  • Men’s sizing
  • Color: black
  • Easy care, rinse in fresh water after each use

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