Quantum Shorty Wetsuit Ladies

Quantum Shorty Wetsuit

Wetsuits function for warmth, buoyancy and protection while diving, snorkeling, swimming or during other water sport activities.  The Quantum Stretch is a light weight, comfortable suit with 235% stretch.  The chest panel adds additional protection and warmth for your core.  The arm and leg openings have a layer of neoprene to help keep out excess water and to keep warmer water in.


Quantum Shorty Wetsuit Ladies

The Quantum Shorty wetsuit for ladies is lightweight, easier to don and doff compared to a regular neoprene wetsuit and the Quantum Stretch is one comfortable suit with a little pink or aqua accent on it for a bit of color and fun.

  • The Aqua Lung Quantum Stretch Shorties are highly flexible
    making them exceptionally comfortable to wear and to don and remove
  • The entire wetsuit is constructed with 3mm super stretch neoprene
    which stretches to 235% of its original shape!
  • Smooth skin seals at the neck, arm, and leg openings seal out water
  • Smooth skin chest and back panels dry quickly to prevent evaporative
    heat loss


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Available Sizes

Women’s: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14