Torrent Dive Light

Torrent Dive Light

Power meets versatility in the Torrent Dive Light LED. It’s small enough to be a backup light, but with a 280 Lumen Maxbright LED, it’s more than powerful enough to be a main source. Dive lights aren’t just for night diving, and the Torrent LED is our favorite dive light for looking into caves/crevices, restoring lost colors at depth, and daytime wreck diving. For those who need a great backup, an efficient main source, or just all around great dive light, the Torrent LED is all of the above. A simple switching mechanism and a 100-meter waterproof rating ensure that the Torrent LED will be shining bright whenever and wherever you need it to go.

Power         280 Lumens

Lamp          Maxbright LED

Burn Time  30 Hours

Batteries     8 AA Alkaline

Weight        365 Grams