Trek Fins

Trek Fins

The Trek fin is Aqua Lung’s most popular snorkeling fin.  A multi-purpose fin great for snorkeling and other water sports activities.  The short length is easier on the legs and ankles than heavier longer fins.  Compact and light weight is easy enough to pack in your carry on luggage.


Trek Fins

Trek fins are short but powerful.  The fin blade is designed to provide propulsion through the water but unlike a longer stiffer blade it’s easier to kick with at the surface and won’t fatigue the ankles or legs like it’s heavier dive fin cousin.  Easy to put on in the water, comfort padded on the back of the heel and compact and lightweight to thrown in a beach bag.  The adjustable heel strap makes a fin for young ones to grow in too or can be shared between family members.

  • Dual-composite fin blade
  • Foot pocket with adjustable strap
  • Compact length is great for traveling

Additional information

Sizes Available

Small Mens 4-7, Womens 5.5 – 8.5, Med Mens 7-10 Womens 8.5 – 11.5, Large Mens 11-13 Womens 11.5 -13

Colors Available