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Regulator and Tank Servicing

Scuba gear servicing is key to enjoyable diving.


From the first time you breathe underwater in your first pool session you depend on the scuba gear you’re using to work.

If you rent your gear you expect the store to maintain the gear they rent to you to be in top form because not only does your safety depend on it, and the comfort and enjoyment of your dive depends on it.

Now, what if you own your own gear? Sure, the nightmare of renting duct taped BCD’s are behind you, ’cause you’ve bought all brand new stuff and you’re never going to have to worry about your gear again. Your stuff is always going to work great!

And it will for as long as you take care of it, which means maintaining it between dives. That means thoroughly rinsing it in fresh water after each and every dive. Have it serviced once a year too. Because now the safety of your gear not only depends on the skill and experience of the servicing department of your local dive shop, but on whatever maintenance ritual you put into practice from the first day you use it.

As a recreational sport diver you should have your gear serviced at least once every year, and most manufacturer warranties state your regs must be serviced once a year or your warranty is void.

Have your gear inspected and serviced by a qualified service technician. And a good rule of thumb is to have your BCD and drysuit looked at too. Ask your service technician to show you what to look for, ask for tips on care and maintenance. Advice is free. Gear overhauls are not. ;o)

Stores will remind you when your tanks need servicing; a visual inspection is to be done yearly and hydrostatically tested once every five years. Ask the technician to look at the valve too, to make sure it’s in good working order.

  • Scuba Tank Visual Inspection……………………………………..$19.95


  • Scuba Tank Hydro Static Testing……………………………..…$30.00


  • Regulator Servicing ranges from…….………….. $85.00 – $125.00

Valve service pricing and reg service pricing vary with each item depending on the age and condition of the gear. Please bring in your reg for an estimate.

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Equipment Specialist Course

Learn to take care of some of the daily maintenance of your own gear with the PADI Equipment Specialist Course